The Blogger Recognition Award

blogger recognition award

2017 has certainly been the year for ispyprettyplaces to receive awards! And here comes another one, kindly nominated by the gorgeous expat duo at TheXpats.

It was one of my goals this year to get ispyprettyplaces out there and through the wonderful world of social media I have learned a lot and met a lot of like-minded travellers and expats. I am truly grateful for all of you that have taken the time to read and engage with my blog. I have loved discussing and reading your comments on twitter, facebook and instagram and on the blog. 

Ispyprettyplaces recently turned a year old and I wanted to time this post to celebrate its birthday. This has been delayed because… well, basically life happens. I am truly grateful for this award because as beautiful and fun as blogging looks, it takes a lot (and I mean a lot) of time. 

Hence why receiving awards such as this is significant for us bloggers. 

What is the Blogger Recognition Award?

A blog award given from blogger to blogger to encourage and acknowledge the hard work and effort that goes into creating amazing online spaces. The guidelines are as follows:

1) Thank the blog that nominated you
2) Write a post to share your award
3) Attach award to your post
4) Write a brief story of how your blog started
5) Give a piece of advice to other bloggers
6) Select 15 other blogs to nominate
7) Comment on each blog and inform them they have been nominated.

With thanks

I would like to thank Ayaan and Safiyya at TheXpats for nominating ispyprettyplaces for this award. Often as a blogger you think no one is actually reading your content so it is always a pleasant surprise to learn that not only are your posts being read but someone actually liked them! TheXpats and I share in common our experience being expats in the Middle East. While I have since left Qatar, they are still going strong in the desert. Read about their amazing journey on how they started building their own dreams in the sandpit here.

Why start blogging?

Blogger Recognition award

photo credit: via pixabay

So ispyprettyplaces was actually created when I was living in Qatar. I started it because I was constantly googling everything about life in Qatar. Not just where to go for dinner, but what times are the malls open during Ramadan? Can you eat in your car during Ramadan? How to go to the doctors in Doha? Qatar has yet to catch up on creating up to date websites with the type of current information you would need. And so most of my resources were other blogs. After a while, I thought, I’d like to contribute to this need for information. I have yet to contribute to that type of information but hope that my hindsight information will be helpful. I also felt I had a lot to contribute on the topic of expat life. Having been an expat since I was 11 years old (I didn’t realise at the time), I’m all too familiar with the motions of living abroad. 

My second reason for starting the blog was to house all my experiences and photos from my travels. As I’m sure people have gathered, I got bitten pretty bad by the travel bug. I started feeling guilty sharing with friends over Facebook . So I started the blog so that like-minded travellers or readers looking for the type of information I share here would hopefully find it useful.

Advice to other bloggers

Blogger Recognition award

photo credit: via pixabay

Just start writing. I actually started writing articles for ispyprettyplaces a month before I made the website live. I was a bit too scared of the raw result. But eventually that fear disappeared. One thing that helped with that was getting involved with social media. I have met so many wonderful, kind, supportive bloggers via instagram and twitter. They have given me courage to write, ideas and assistance with the techie techie stuff too. It has been such a rewarding experience writing this blog. So yeah- start writing, get involved with the community and obviously- have fun with it!

My nominations:

Journey with the  Johnstons 

Meet the Johnstons, a nomadic family from New Zealand, exploring the world with their young son. I love reading about their life which is a wonderful balance of nomadic and expat living. Click here to read more about their amazing modern life.

Between England and Iowa

This witty blog is written by the lovely Kylie from England. She tells the tales of her own expat journey to the US as well as sharing useful travel tips on destinations she has visited. She even provides useful reviews and documents her visa process for her move to the US. Click here to read more. 

The Travel Realist

This straight-talking travel blog is a great read for those of us who can’t or don’t want to be digital nomads. With travel tips and foodie reviews from around the world, there is plenty here to feed your wanderlust. Check out Travel Realist here

Nomad Diaries

This visually elegant blog covers a range of topics from being an expat to travel, parenting and wellness. Not only do I love reading the expat and travel posts but Ags also addresses how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle (without being a tree-hugging, granola eating hippy). Click here to check out this savvy blog. 

 Thank you for the nomination once again! Do check out the blogs mentioned here!

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Blogger Recognition Award

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