A Guide to Bangkok tailors

  Bangkok tailors have been suiting up VIP clients for decades. With a renowned reputation for quality and skill many tourists are now indulging in the luxury of bespoke clothing while on holiday.

“Dressing well is a form of good manners.” – Tom Ford

Every man needs a good suit. If you’ve been to Thailand before you’ll know there is no shortage of offers to make you a bespoke suit as  you walk down a street in Bangkok. The first time we stumbled upon a Bangkok tailor was on our first trip to Thailand. It wasn’t on the street but through our tuk tuk driver. A deal was in place with tuk tuk drivers and tailors so that if tuk tuk drivers brought customers their way they would get a tank of gasoline in return.

We went as a gesture however I think the Northerner was a little curious. He had always spoken about having shirts made that would fit him perfectly. Being one who was in between sizes in a shop, it made sense to have a shirt made just for him. After at least 2 hours of consulting on fabrics and getting measured, the Northerner ordered 2 shirts. We were due to fly out the next evening, so we headed out for dinner as planned. To our surprise, the shirts were delivered to our hotel room ready for when we came back. Is that how long it takes to make a shirt?

The shirts are still in great condition 2 years on. The Northerner was so impressed by how comfortable the shirts were,  we returned to Bangkok a year later specifically to get some tailor-made clothes made.

Which Bangkok tailor should you choose?

If you’re going to do this you want to do this right. So the Northerner researched the best tailors there were. He found Narry Tailors.  See what tripadvisor has to say about Narry Tailors here .

Narry tailors have been in business for over 30 years and now have a few stores across Thailand. They are the only brand to have received the Golden Shield Award from the late Prime Minister for their services in tailoring.

What can you get made?

Bangkok Tailors

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Narry tailors does everything from shirts to shorts. They may even do polo shirts. However, when thinking about what you want to have made, go for something you know works for you. It helps to bring in pictures of things you have seen that you like. This will help your tailor get an idea about your style and what cut you would like. I would advise against taking risks on your first visit to the tailors. And by this I mean, if you’ve never worn a pink shirt before, now is not the time to have one made. Go for colours that you have enjoyed success in before and pick material that you will be comfortable in. 

How long do you need to spend?

Expect a few trips over the course of 3 days. Each visit can last anything from 30 mins to 2 hours. The initial visits will take longer for your consultation. Shirts will take less time but a suit will take at least 2-3 days.

What to expect on your first visit?

Bangkok Tailors

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 Think about what you want made before your first visit. Suits take a few days to make and require a few fittings. You will also need to consider what material you want. The weight, colour, stretch etc, are the kind of questions that need answers. 

Your tailor will also ask about finishing details. For example, if you want cuff link holes or buttons on your shirt sleeves. Or what type of a collar you want. For a suit, you consider whether you want a double breast or a single breast jacket.

Getting measured

Bangkok Tailors

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Your Bangkok tailors will take your measurements for what you want made. There’s no need to bring measurements.

After you’ve been measured

Once the measurements have been taken you are free to enjoy Bangkok! Your tailor will let you know when you would need to return for a fitting. Suits take more fittings.

The fitting

Take note of the details when you are called back for fittings. This is your suit, made especially for you. If you don’t like something, speak up. If you’re trying trousers on, sit down in them and try them on with the shoes you would usually wear. For shirts, move around in it. It may be worth trying it on under a suit jacket to see how it would fit and where the length sits on you. Tell your tailor during the fitting if anything doesn’t feel right. The tailors will always err on the side of caution, so they will always have extra material available to make simple adjustments. For example, should you want the trousers to be longer or shorter, these adjustments are easy to accommodate. 

The Final Fitting

The tailors call you back for your final fitting. All the finishing touches are made at this point. Try everything on and enjoy the finished product!


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my items aren’t ready by the time I leave?

If your items still need a few tweaks but you have run out of time, you can have your orders posted to you at your cost. This obviously is a bit of a riskier game as if they still aren’t ok it will be harder to fix.

What if you want more items before you go?

If you want more items than what you have initially ordered it is easy to add to your order. Place an order in person or online and it will be delivered to you. When ordering, you choose your colours and material and the tailors will use your measurements to make more items. Narry tailors keep your measurements on file for 5 years, so it is possible to order more for a few years to come. That is, if your measurements don’t change. As mentioned earlier, the tailors do tend to err on the side of caution and cut more material than needed. So if your shirt or trousers do need letting out they will show you how can do this back home. Narry tailors also do a bit of a tour so look on their website to see if they will be in town in the future.

How much does it cost?

Prices are available on the website and vary according to material. A suit can set you back anything from 5,000 THB to 15,000 THB (£114-£342).  Payment is taken during your final collection.  

We did not receive any complimentary products or services for this review. Nor did we receive any financial compensation. This article is for information purposes only.


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  1. I’ve heard so much about this, but never had the chance to properly look into it. I used to work in menswear and tailoring is something I’ll always find fascinating, even more fascinating the way the Tuk Tuk drivers get commission haha!!

    • I thought it was amazing to see the time, care and quality produced. I kind of liked that the businesses work together and help each other out.

  2. Oh this is great! I wanted to start looking at the the tailors and should totally convince my boyfriend to get a suit done when we do our Bangkok trip. 😊

    • If my husband’s commentary is anything to go by, having a well-made suit that fits your every move is apparently ‘fantastic’! And they did such a brilliant job. The quality of material and stitching looked like it would certainly last. Definitely check it out.

    • The quality is definitely worth it. And when you think that half our clothes are made in that part of the world anyway it is a nice feeling knowing we are cutting out the middle man. Albeit a trip to Thailand isn’t exactly feasible whenever we want clothes! haha


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