5 things to do in Siem Reap instead of visiting the temples

If you’re in Siem Reap you are probably there to see the majestic Angkor Archaeological Park (see my post on watching sunrise at Angkor Wat here). Expanding over 400 square km there is plenty to see, best spread over a few days. However, if you are feeling a little templed out, Siem Reap has more to offer than just a base for temple seekers.

  1. Get a Massage

Most hotels offer massages and spa treatments but there are also plenty available around pub street. A 1hr massage would set you back $15- $25 USD depending on where you go. Check your hotel for more details.

   2. Visit Pub Street

If you’re looking for buzzing energy and a party vibe then head to pub street. Cheap beer and great food with some unusual snacks on offer from food stalls, is enough to ensure a good night!

  3. Night Market

The Siem Reap Night Market is chock full of beautiful paintings, hand-crafted jewellery and handmade natural bath products. The talent is amazing and you will certainly want to take a piece home with you as the perfect memorabilia of your trip. Be sure to bring cash (US dollars preferred) and be ready to barter.

4. Apsara Dance

If you like the Arts you won’t want to miss out attending an Apsara dance performance. The Angkor Village Apsara theatre holds shows costing $30 USD and includes dinner and a dance. Smile of Angkor also has daily performances starting at $30 going up to $48 depending on your sitting and dining options. Shows last up to 2 hours.

5. Cooking Class

Try your hand at cooking traditional Khmer dishes with a cooking class. Our hotel had cooking classes on offer for $20-35 USD per person depending on what package you chose. We didn’t have time to do this but certainly enjoyed all the khmer dishes we tried.


Siem Reap is a beautiful little town to stroll along so be sure to enjoy it alongside visiting the amazing temples. 

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  1. It just looks so lively. You know I’m still to visit Siem Reap but I will also visit the temples as well 😛
    But I am a huge fan of markets and love seeing independent sellers and artists as well. Great post.

    • Yeah we didn’t know that either. Worse was that if it is even slightly ripped they won’t accept it. I did prefer dealing with dollars simply because the number value is lower eg: $2 for something I get, 2000 riel for something will always seem extravagant.

    • Some of the best massages I’ve had have been in South East Asia. Definitely a must after walking around all day! Hope you get to go some day.

  2. Ooh I really enjoyed Siem Reap too! I also like watching the traditional Cambodian dance and taking a day trip out to the floating village! These are great suggestions.


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